Our Exclusive Monitoring Tool keeps your Campaigns at your fingertips!

  • Know what's happening to your campaigns on-the-go!
  • Get instant updates on your social media campaigns and their performance, no matter where you are.
  • Our exclusive mobile app dashboard lets you track, analyze, measure and understand your search engine ranking, position & other social media insights instantly. Our simplified data metrics enables you to ensure you’re aligned with your business objectives from time to time..

No matter where you are, know where you are
In your Campaigns!


We combine real-time updates and social data to provide the most intuitive reporting solution for your digital marketing programs. We let you have instant alerts for crisis issues and audience feedback to help you identify and analyze the reputation your customers have for you.


We work on custom report formats tailored to analyze the varying dimensions of your business objectives and digital marketing goals. Based on these reports, we analyze your campaigns and let you understand the status, progress and possible business outcomes of your marketing programs.


We let you monitor what matters to you the most and diagnose anomalies on time, across websites, social media, and other online outlets. Our fast, reliable and custom app dashboard lets you measure your business objective in the real-time, with our data-driven insights, engineered by trusted experts.